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Vedicline Anti Acne Blend

Vedicline  Anti-Acne Blend Cures Acne, Acne Scars,Excess Oil from the face, Bacteria/Fungus from the face, Prevents further breakouts, Inflammation/Itching. The Anti Acne Blend gives you Purified & Clear Skin, Improves Skin Texture and gives you Radiant Skin.

Anti-Acne Blend's powerful & complex combination of 100% organic ingredients works fast on curing acne & even acne spots. This oil combats infection and restores skin’s natural balance. It should be used as a spot treatment for acne, pimples and for fading scars.


Vedicline'sAnti-Acne Blend & all products covers up 7 layers of skin as per ayurveda:

  1. Avabhasini: The outermost layer reflects the complexion and the quality of skin
  2. Lohita: It supports the outer layer maintaining the quality of RaktaDhatu (blood)
  3. Shweta: A white layer that provides balance to skin color, lightening the darker colors of the inner layers
  4. Tamra: Helps the skin perform its function of being a barrier for infections
  5. Vedini: It helps protect skin sensitivity
  6. Rohini: For healing and regeneration
  7. Mamsadhara: This innermost layer helps in maintaining skin stability and firmness



Tea Tree due to its anti-inflammatory properties controls the sebum production in the skin, thus fighting acne, blemishes and dark spots. It will also protect your skin from further outbursts. Tea Tree will help soothe any redness or irritation on your skin. It is Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Anti -septic in Nature.


Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight the bacteria that cause acne and inflammation. It contains powerful antioxidants that can fight against the harmful effects of pollutants on the skin.


5 Oils to Help You Survive Winters like a Pro

Winters are peeking from the threshold of Autumn while making us lure for the awaiting chills.The cold breeze, hot chocolate, comfy blankets, and flowing nose… that’s how winter evenings must be celebrated.

But we always ignore the ill-effects of this weather like flakiness, itchiness on skin &scalp which set gloominess at its peak if we take our body wellness frivolously. Where it is recommended to use moisturizers all-day long, it is practically impossible to treat yourself with the same 24*7.

So dive with us in the exploration of natural oils which are widely appreciated for their heavenly benefits on skin and hair.

  1. Coconut Oil mixed with Castor Oil: Castor Oil is deemed to be one of the best natural moisturizers which promotes skin hydration. It nourishes the skin by helping it in locking the moisture, be it a rough winter morning or a cold December night.

When Coconut Oil and Castor Oil are mixed together, it forms a smooth oil which nourishes the hair strands when applied on the scalp.

For hair, massage your scalp and hair strands for 10-15 minutes at night. Wash your head with Lukewarm water with your daily shampoo to get healthy-looking, lustrous hair.

Also, it reduces skin inflammation and helps the skin to fight the damage offered by free radicals. So, help your skin say goodbye to the dullness and your hair to gain back that natural bounce, this winters.


  1. Olive Oil: From reigning over our kitchens to holding sway in the cosmetic industry, Olive Oil stands true to the contemplationsabout its superpowers as It does wonders to the skin by making it perfectly exfoliated and moisturized.

It is always advised to get rid of makeup before going to bed every night. Replace your regular makeup remover to Olive Oil and thank us later.

You may also use it as a scrub by adding sugar granules or ground coffee and massaging onto your face and neck.

With added benefits of moisturizing the chapped and cracked skin, it also helps in moisturizing the hair when used as a pre-shampoo treatment.


  1. Avocado Oil: An oil which is a powerhouse of Vitamin E, has antioxidant properties, which moisturizes the skin and can make itgreasy enough to let the dolefulness slip away, out the window.Protecting from the Ultraviolent rays to healing the chapped skin, from replenishing dry skin to calming the itchy skin, Avocado Oil does it all.

So, why to hesitate in adding this magical potion to your daily skincare routine, this winter season.


  1. Tea Tree Oil: Acne-prone skin gets heavily affected due to cold, harsh weather as the skin might start flaking, making the skin pores to clog.

This makes the skin to suffocate while providing a procreating ground to acne-causing bacteria. Due to the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps the skin in getting rid of swollenness, redness and acne, all at once.

It is an essential oil which cannot be applied directly. So, make sure you mix only 2 drops of it with 12 drops of carrier oils like almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

For as long as haircare is concerned, mix this oil with your regular hair oil to massage along the length of hair strands and scalp.


  1. Argan Oil:It moisturizes the skin even when it has a thin consistency.

Since it is thin-textured, it gets absorbed into the skin and makes it glowy like never before. It is a perfect moisturizer for you to use in winters, and help your skin in getting healed.

It replenishes chapped lips, cheeks and itchy feet.You may use it as a serum or a moisturizer at night to fight signs of early ageing. In order to conceal dark spots, we put makeup and everything expensive. Little do you know that naturally-extracted, inexpensive Argan Oil is everything you need to make your skin tone lighter and brighter.

So, buck up for the cold of December and January. Because yes, winter is coming!

Anti Aging Products And Anti Acne Face Pack

Who doesn’t want to stop anti-ageing process? Look young with the help of ayurvedia. No harmful chemicals no side effects. Even though we want to think that we really improve with age, But there may be annoying skin troubles that you can deal with over the years with the help of ayurveda..

Vedic line anti ageing products combines potent anti ageing science with ayurveda Skin's visible firmness, density and elasticity is significantly improved.


- Instant radiance, anti ageing, brightening.

- All natural

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Vedicline Classica Hair Loss Solution

Vedicline Classica Hair Loss Solution:
��Prevents premature hair loss & stimulates blood circulation in scalp.
��Strengthens roots and hair follicles.
��Makes the hair long and strong.

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• Classica Shampoo 200 ml
• Classica Hair Loss Solution 200 ml

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